Recycling & Solar Cooking

Market is today from 3-6:30pm

Melons, black berries, peaches, apples, sweet corn, Italian flat beans, green beans, heirloom tomatoes, peppers, beets, greens, lettuce, zucchini and yellow squash are all readily available!

Just want to fix one or two ears of corn for dinner? Here is a quick and easy way that really works!

Solar CookerSolar Cooking

Julie and Patrick Zaebst will be at the market this week demonstrating the GoSunStove. This is a high efficiency, portable solar cooker, that prepares a meal in just 20 minutes; the world’s first practical fuel free cooking device. Sale of the stoves supports efforts to distribute solar cookers in the developing world. If there is sun, they will be giving out samples, answering questions and will have stoves available for sale.

photoCan I recycle these?

Residential recycling creates jobs, reduces long-term costs to the community, prevents usable materials from being dumped into a landfill, reduces our environmental impact and helps preserve our natural resources. Thus, the more our local communities recycle the stronger the positive impact on our communities! The College Hill Farm Market team wants educate all of us in our community about the positive benefits of recycling and to simultaneously address individual residents’ barriers, concerns and challenges to recycling. Bring samples of food cartons that you have questions about recycling!

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