Variety is the spice of our market

Princess Janice will be at the Farm Market from 3:30 to 4:30 this Thursday, reading books, helping children make a healthy snack and parading with them around the market.

2015 kids corner princess

2015 Village Green

Need a few more herbs or veggies for your garden? Northside’s Village Green community garden offers plants for sale each week. They have a few flowers as well.

College Hill business Grandola Granola has introduced a new flavor this season.  Stop by their booth for a taste, and take some home.

2015 Grandola Granola

Patty from Back Acres Farm said they hope to bring strawberries this week. Come early for these as they sell out quickly.

2015 Fresh Express
Welcome our new smoothie and juice vendor—Fresh Express. They feature a special smoothie each week.

Our apologies! Last week, some of you came just for the food truck Empanadas Aqui. They were here at the start of market last week, but left when they discovered a gas leak. We were disappointed that they had to leave, but safety must come first. They will be back this week with their yummy empanadas and arapas.

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