The Farmers’ Market is My Happy Place

After days of grey and rain, the forecast calls for sunshine and temps in the low 80’s this Thursday–perfect weather to shop at the College Hill Farm Market from 3-6:30 at 5742 Hamilton Avenue.  This is high season for corn, beans, tomatoes, tomatillos, beets, zucchini, greens, carrots, potatoes, melons and peaches and much more.

As always, there will be artisan breads and sweets, soaps, vegan cookies plus eggs, meats, and lots of fresh, local produce picked just for our market.


Food Demonstration

This week will feature Jennifer Evans creating a cool tomato/cucumber salsa.  When it gets hot, we all looking for cool recipes–something we can make with the fresh herbs, tomatoes and cucumbers that are so plentiful right now.  Stop by and sample this delicious fresh salsa.


Music at the Market

Sunflower returns to the market with her beautiful native flute music.  Come and relax under the big tree from 5-6:30 and enjoy her music.


Next Week is Customer Appreciation Day

August 25th is customer appreciation day.  Check out the newsletter next week to hear more details of our annual event.  We have such loyal shoppers that you all deserve a reward!!!

We accept credit cards, EBT and give Produce Perks, and WIC Farm Market coupons.




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