Last two 2016 outside markets

Enjoy these beautiful fall days by coming out to the College Hill Farm Market Thursdays from 3:00-6:30 p.m.  We have two more outside markets before a few of our vendors will move inside to the College Hill Coffee Company.  Local produce is still available and abundant.  Last week may have seen the last of the sweet corn for this season, but there should still be green beans, tomatoes, melons, greens, lettuce,  onions, garlic, potatoes, beets, carrots, and as always eggs and meat.   Shadeau bread, vegan cookies, crafts from J.B. Creations and hand made soaps will also be available.


Sunny Side Food Truck is back this week

Sunny Side Food Truck will be back with their burgers, BLTs, egg sandwich and weekly specials as well as cold drinks.  Stop by for a snack or dinner as you shop this week.


J.B. Creations

Janet Beck creates jewelry, tutus, seasonal decorations, children’s toys and much more.  She was hoping to be with us all season, but she was unable to be with us most of the summer.  Stop by these last two markets and stop by her booth at the Pumpkin Patch Festival.


Save the Date–Pumpkin Patch October 8th




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