4th of July at the Market!

July4thMarket Open today from 3-6:30pm!

Local sausages and grass fed beef are available for your 4th of July picnic. Green beans are plentiful. Crisp, fresh cabbage for picnic cole slaw is abundant. Fresh beets, kale, chard, carrots, broccoli, onions, garlic scales, salad greens

Farmer Update

IMG_5866Morgan Perry—Jose Madrid Salsa

Morgan Perry offers 23 varieties of Jose Madrid Salsa, ranging from mild to very hot. Morgan, a UC communications and business grad, is one 5 production team members at the Zainesville company. She brings the 23 varieties of Ohio Salsa to College Hill Farm Market and Findlay Market each week. Stop by and sample a few of these great salsas to find the ones you really love!

Other News

Cook book exchange

Our annual three-week cook book exchange begins today! Got a few cookbooks that you never use? Bring them to the market and take home a few that inspire you.

IMG_5291.JPGRhonda Marcotte

Professional chef, Rhonda Marcotte, will return to the College Hill Farm Market today with some inspiration for the July 4th grill out. The food demonstration will be at 4pm at the event tent.

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